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27 years

pyramidak software

Useful apps for Windows:
Desk Calendar is the best replacement for a paper calendar
Záruky provide an overview of things under warranty
STARTzjs menu from Windows 98 to the current Win 11
StrewnTea helps you practice Chinese language vocabulary
Video Overview what you haven’t seen for a long time
Programmed in Visual Basic .Net + WPF.

14 years

Time with the SLR

Photographing Czech and Chinese landscapes. Portraits and weddings.

30 year

Chinese chess

I learned to play Chinese chess and made a manual.

31 year


How to build the best ventilated, most accessible and inexpensive computer case.

10 year

Probe colour calibration

Nabízím službu kalibraci obrazovek monitorů a notebooků.
Nabízím video lekce kalibrace, správy barev a správného osvětlení. Nasbírané zkušenosti se můžete naučit i vy.
Kalibroval jsem přes 100 různě kvalitních obrazovek ke spokojenosti uživatelů, protože bez zpětné vazby to nejde.

33 year

Projector selection and placement

I chose the best imaging equipment and wrote down the experience. What you need to think about before buying and what parameters to choose. The projector still works and there is no meaningful replacement for a better one.

34 year

Hi-Fi sound from PC

I figured out how to get the best sound out of the computer. I wrote down the experience again.

35 year

Complete Story of Silent Hill

I was enthralled with this game that I searched all around for an explanation of the plot and finally translated this Silent Hill Plot Explanation, both editions, into Czech. It’s on the website in the menu under Complete Story of SH1.

7 years


Administration and maintenance in modules MM, SD, BW. Testing development of WMS, EDI, logistic, availability. ABAP basics – did and fix few transactions.

38 year

Choosing headphones for life

This year, I’ve become clear about what the best headphones can do. I’ve written down the experiences of testing many headphones. You’ll learn what to buy, and for the rest of your life you won’t have to look for anything better. No truly better headphones are being made, it’s a never ending delusion.

39 year

Programming for Android

Desktop Calendar app for Android. The Kotlin language makes it bearable to program for android – I’ve waited a long time.

40 year

Real Smart Home

Everything in my apartment is now automated. For the latter, I made a YouTube show on how to get started with a really smart home. No remotes other than one single remote and the home itself must be able to control everything as one needs it to. Fully automated ventilation, heating and lighting.

41 year

pyramidak firmware

Commercial hardware with open source Tasmota was not enough for me. I built my own hardware for switching appliances and dimming lights. I also have my own light switches. The hardware supports both digital and analog sensors. All this is controlled by one fully configurable firmware version 160.

41 year

Custom ceiling lighting

Inspired by Mr.Medřický, I thought I wanted a perfect light like the sun outside. The 5600K 97CRI+ LED ceiling light has done just that. The custom dimmers and firmware allowed for autonomous operation – all the lights turn themselves on and off, adjusting brightness according to the position of the sun.

42 year

pyramidak air quality

A smart home also includes air quality sensors, and since commercial products have their ailments, having your own open system will be more reliable and economical. As always, I intend to surpass the commercial solution and bring something that no DIY project has attempted before. One universal device, choice of sensors as needed both indoors and outdoors.

43 year

the last stage of oncological disease